Budget Engine

4.7 ( 207 ratings )
Produktivitet Finansforhold
Forfatter: Jacob Wilkin

Take your budgeting to the next level with this easy to use budget tracking/planning app. Stop scribbling down your incomings and outgoings and making complex spreadsheet charts. Budget Engine does it all for you. You can see your weekly budget, outgoings and remaining funds all in one place!

Enter your income for a 10 week term, and either pop in to update your outgoings week by week to stay in budget, or plan your big expenditures ahead of time so you always know how much money you’ll have left.

* Built for all size iPhone’s & iPod touch’s running iOS7.
* Extremely simple to use.
* Customise your outgoings to fit what you spend money on.
* Set daily notifications to remind you how much you have left that week!
* Support for 4 major currencies: £, $, ¥ and €.
* Language support for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi.

Budget Engine is a short term budgeting app created from the ground up by students for students, and so works over a termly 10 week period. However it can be used by anyone to help budget over the coming months!

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